When? Sunday 25th May at 3pm

Where? The walk will start in the Roma St Parklands as it has previously (although now at the Spring Hill corner as opposed to the amphitheater), but this year will finish in Fortitude Valley where the after-party will take place.

Why? Why not?

For all the extra information on all that you need to know about this event, the Zombie Walk Brisbane Website has been set up for all your undead needs.


zombiewalk02The promotional poster for this event

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zw_afterparty_1This years Zombie Walk afterparty

This years route



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We all know that now and then that everyone, for wide range of reasons, needs to find a new job. We should also know how hard it is to not only find the perfect place to find your perfect job. So, in this article I’m going to give you a great long list of places that your able to regularly check up on to whether that job you’ve been seeking for is still available.

Option One: Job Specific Websites







Gumtree.com.auBrisbane Gumtree.com.au





A few tips to keep in mind when using websites to look for a job

  • Make sure to keep your registered information up to date. If an employer can’t access your information they will move on.
  • As a general practice, please prepare both your resume and cover letter to be appropriate to your specific job. This does not mean that you should make a resume template and replace some key words with the job description.
  • There is always the chance that none of the jobs that you apply for will be able to reply to your request. They simply won’t have the time
  • If you are fortunately to get a reply about your application whether good or bad, make sure that you reply asap to make yourself look good in your possible employers eyes.

Option Two: The Paper Classifieds

Whilst looking through the weekly paper every week there are usually a large selection of advertisements for jobs available specifically for places around Brisbane. These are usually a great option for those who don’t feel comfortable with surfing the internet or for those who are just looking for a wide range of opportunities and don’t want to look specifically for anything.

You’re able to find these sorts of classifieds within these regular newspapers…

  • The Sunday Mail
  • The Brisbane Times
  • The Courier-Mail
  • Quest

A few tips to keep in mind when using the paper classifieds to look for a job

  • Speed is of the essence. The faster your able to get in contact with your potential employer, whether that be through a phone call, an email or even rocking up on their business door step, the better your chances.
  • Make sure your able to make a physical appearance. Unlike the website advertisements where the initial contact is either through email or a phone initiated by the advertising business, it can be to your benefit to sell yourself face to face to your employer. They know that whatever is on your resume are just words and that they’re eventually going to need some proof to your abilities.

Option Three: Employment Agencies

If your down in the ditch and can’t find anywhere for your dream job you may want to think about getting in contact with the many employment agencies in Brisbane. Instead of spending a multitude of time sifting through the mountain of resumes that comes as a guarantee when advertising, it’s sometimes easier for businesses to use employment agencies to cut down the paper work and pay someone else to find their perfect person for the job.

If your willing to come into contact with an employment agency your best idea would be to search the yellow pages under ’employment services’.

A few tips to keep in mind when using employment agencies to look for a job

  • By walking in best dressed will mean that you will probably get the best service available
  • These people are working their jobs to help you find a job, as well as a lot of other people just like you, so please be mindful that it may take a little while for you to be requested a possible application.


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If there are any other options that you would suggest, please leave a nice comment to inform us.

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DinmorePhoto curtasy of Google Maps

If your anything like me and have no idea about Dinmore, then fear not. Above this paragraph is a snippet of a map fetched from Google maps. It shows that Dinmore is a smallish suburb located south west of the CBD, and closely north east from Ipswich.

My opinion on why Dinmore may be one of the worst places to buy property in Australia

Based completely from my analysis of this map, I’ve come to somewhat a conclusion as to why this town was voted in this way…

It’s extremely close to the highway and 2 major roads = major traffic levels

Not only driving to and back from work may be a pain, but also the noise level would be amazing. Dinmore had found itself surrounded on 3 sides with constant traffic travelling in and out of Brisbane.

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Located on the outskirts of both Brisbane & Ipswich = High buying prices?

As Lauren just explained in her previous article, Dinmore’s prices are surprisingly high for somewhere that isn’t close to any inner-city districts. If the prices were lowered in consideration of their circumstances I’m sure that their reputation would definitely heal.

Dinmore is located on the border of Ipswich City Council & BCC = Possibility of land misunderstandings?

Now this isn’t an argument, but isn’t it interesting how Dinmore is placed on the outside of both councils and it’s also been claimed as the worst place to buy? This seems a little strange to me…


If your visiting Dinmore and/or live there, we’d love to get some definite feedback as to what the situation out there is and maybe some photos to go along with your opinion…..

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Dinmore, Brisbane has been revealed today as one of 13 worst places to buy property in Australia. I have never been to Dinmore but convinced that a suburb of Brisbane cannot possibly be one of the worst in Australia. Is Dinmore a lost cause or should we save its reputation?

A Google search offered houses still in the middle $200K… that’s a plus, I can’t remember the last time I saw a 3 bedroom home under $300K.  There is an abundance of jobs advertised for the area, so if you are looking for a job and an affordable home, Dinmore looks like the place to be. Other then home listings and jobs I am at a dead-end on what Dinmore has to offer.  I am tempted to drive out there this weekend to investigate.

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Do you live in Dinmore or have you been there? Does it live up to its reputation?

Maybe that age old no news is bad news is true, I have taken a sudden interest in the Suburb, am writing a blog and even considering visiting Dinmore…